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Stop Fuel Theft Now!!

Demo Image The world’s first fuel anti-siphon device (ASD) with an anti-splash valve (ASV) for FUEL SECURITY and FUEL SAFETY. Overfilled tanks, forgotten fuel caps, missing fuel caps, broken fuel caps. Diesel on the road can be as slippery as black ice. It’s dangerous for all road users, but motorcyclists are particularly at risk. FuelDefend Global’s NeckIt! anti-fuel theft devices (ASDs) have become a global best seller and has set new standards in the industry. NeckIt! provides a robust physical barrier against fuel theft. NeckIt! will complement electronic fuel monitoring and management systems.


Ni770002FuelDefend NeckIt! fuel tank anti-siphon devices (ASD) are the premium line of defense against fuel theft. With no hole greater than ¼”, NeckIt! devices prevent siphoning of your valuable fuel.


DEF CapsFuelDefend BluCaps! locking diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) tank caps defend against DEF contamination and sabotage. Keyed-alike options are available for your fleet.